September 29, 2015


Welcome to The Lord’s Basket Page.


At Tellthem Ministries, feed the poor is a very critical part of our vision. We believe that as the church we cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of the poor and we also recognize that we cannot solve world hunger, but our responsibility is to help alleviate the battle that the poor face. Our mission is to feed the whole man- both in body and in spirit, hence our decision to establish The Lord’s Basket Project.


This is a continuous project and takes place throughout the year caring for widows and orphans, as well as our members who are senior citizens. In addition, this project also feeds around 200 families during the festive period by giving grocery hampers to the poor; this is made possible by regular offerings, high tea fundraisers, donations, and collections from the Train Ministry.


The Lord instructs us in numerous scriptures to care for the poor and at Tellthem Ministries we take this instruction seriously by doing our part to alleviate the plight of the poor.

Our gallery will be up soon…