September 29, 2015


 Where it all started: The Conversion

In 1989 Pastor Peter-John and Josephine Petersen became born again Christians at the Lord at Faith Chapel (now known as Faith Apostolic Centre), which at the time was led by Apostle Alfie and Lena Fabe. The intent of attending this meeting was just to go and show appreciation to Pastor Fabe for convening the funeral of Josephine’s mother’s burial, who had just gone to be with the Lord; but God had other plans. Her mother was a member of the church, and prayed for many years she prayed for the salvation of her children and husband through the ‘Operation Andrew’.  Operation Andrew entailed listing the names of family members whose salvation you are praying for. This is why Tellthem Ministries still practices “Operation Andrew”  to this day. every Sunday morning before service.

From this encounter,  Pastor Peter-John and Josephine were groomed for Ministry and started attending the Bible School, led by Reverend Brian and Portia Herbert , who currently facilitates the Bible Night School Programme at the Tellthem Ministries.

As a young disciple. Peter-John exercised his passion for the gospel by  preaching on the trains every morning, which he has been doing for the last 27 years; today the church is still going strong on the train. From here the Lord elevated them in the ministry where Peter-John and Josephine became itinerary speakers for  many Gospel Campaigns & Conferences across the Western Cape and other Provinces of South Africa, eventually moving onto the international scale.

Where it all started: The Vision

It was in August 2000 when Peter-John attended the Billy Graham Evangelism Conference in Europe where he was sitting in the service and heard the audible voice of the Lord repeatedly say, “Tell them…”

Upon his return, they continued ministering at campaigns and later officially launched Tellthem Ministries International on the 11th November 2000. At the time various facets of the ministry such as, Operation Andrew, The Lord’s Basket, Children’s ministry, Evangelism  Workshops, and so forth were held during the day time of church campaigns they were invited to. And so, they continued evangelising from church to church doing numerous gospel campaigns every year.

Where it all started: The Church

The church, Tellthem Ministries International, was officially established on the 23rd June 2007 at Pastor Peter-John’s and Josephine’s Petersen’s living room where the first prayer meeting was held. During the same week, the first worship service was held in The Jacob’s family home in the next street from Pastor’s house. Not long the church expanded and rented a single unit in a warehouse located in the Town Centre Industrial area. Today Tellthem Ministries occupies 3-rented units whilst trying to attain land, since the establishment Tellthem Ministries has been exploring various options to  but to date has had no success in this regard- but this will not stop the vision.

The core purpose of this ministry is to restore broken people and to train them up to become powerful evangelists, who through God’s Holy Spirit, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all. Through many challenges and obstacles along the way, the grace of God has held this ministry together and it is through the empowering Holy Spirit, that this ministry has been able to transform ordinary members of the community into powerful Evangelists that have gone out to touch local areas of our country, as well as the nations such as Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, America, and so forth.

This is our Purpose: “Touching the Whole Man, with the Whole Gospel, in the Whole World.