September 29, 2015


Cyril & Joy MaCauley

Elder Cyril and Joy Macauley have been married for 23 years. They have been serving on the leadership for three years and describe the most part of their role as “an exciting experience where you have the privilege to see people prosper and grow”. Elder Cyril and Joy Macauley, both grew up in Catholic homes. Cyril has been saved for over 21 years and has many years of experience in leadership, wherever he ministered. His wife, Joy, has been saved for 25 years and the family of TMI knows her to be a humble, faithful servant of God. The couple have three beautiful sons, the MaCauley’s biggest desire is to see all God’s people united in one voice and in spirit.

Arnold & Lillian Gelderbloem

Elder Arnold and Lillian Gelderbloem have been serving on the leadership for six years and were one of the first families to start with Tell Them Ministries. They have been married for  over 25 years of marriage and have four beautiful children, who serve the Lord faithfully alongside their parents, and who are an valued sons of the ministry. Arnold and Lillian are responsible for leading the Lord’s Basket Project, which include the feeding scheme, annual grocery project, and so forth. The couple is well known for their remarkable hospitality, gratitude and their servant hearts in the King.

Darryl & Amy Menezes

Elder Darryl and Amy Menezes have been part of this ministry for over four years. The couple serves on the leadership of the church  are active members of the Church worship team. The couple have been graced with 35 years of marriage, and have two beautiful daughters, Lauren and Roxanne. This family has dedicated their lives to the ministry of Christ. Darryl is well known for being a passionate Evangelist and his wife, Amy, who is a true example of a humble and gentle spirit. Darryl lives by the word and confidently shares that, “Life can be difficult, but keep your eyes on the Lord. There is a reason for whatever God does, whatever he does, he does well. Through it all Praise the name of the Lord”.

José & Chantal Taylor

Chantal & José have been married for 11 years and share two beautiful children, Tristan and Reece. Both Chantal and Jose are actively involved in the Evangelism and Follow up Ministry of the church and have  a real heart for serving in the Kingdom of God.  Both share an appreciation for the good word they receive and how it has helped them grow spiritually. Jose and Chantal also enjoy spending time with the other saints, which they regard as family. They strongly believe that God must always  be at the centre of everything they do.

David & Vanessa Van Der Westhuizen

David and Vanessa Van Der Westhuizen have been a part of the leadership board for more than four years. The couple share three beautiful children and have been married for 19 years. David and Vanessa boast about the family environment that Tell Them Ministries embraces. The couple are most excited about being equipped for the evangelical ministry as Elder David explains, “At our church, God’s word is preached to all mankind”. Both Elder David and Vanessa look forward to the year ahead and for any opportunity to grow.